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Electroacoustic Musics


M A Y D A Y (Part.II) [2023]
Chicago and the White Stones - The Basement - [2020]
Hellebore (for String Trio and Electronic) [2022]
Chicago and the White Stones
- The Archives: 
J'aimais beaucoup Maman - [2021]
Les ignorés des ignorants : Les ignorants [2020]
Instinct [2018]
The Wild Boys [2016]

                                                            The Sirens of the Last Age                                                    

The Flooded Lands [2015]
Módearfoþ (part 1) [2019]
Extrait : Le Chant des Ombres à travers la Brume [2014]

 Ensemble Ménilmontant [2014 - Present]


Claire Mouton (Bassoon), Audrey Podrini (Cello and electronic), Max Langer (electronic), Diane Daher (Harps and electronic)

The Tell Tale Heart by Charles Klein

Ménilmontant by Dimitri Kirsanoff

Teaser - Concert Théâtre de l'Uchronie

Welling Ways [2015-1017]

Free improvisation band

Skat (Trumpet), Claire Mouton (Bassoon), July Dupin (Guitar), Diane Daher (Harps and electronic)

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