Electroacoustic Musics


Chicago and the White Stones - The Basement -
Les ignorés des ignorants : Les ignorants
The Wild Boys
Les Zimbus
Excerpt from the play Les Garçons Sauvages

                                                            The Sirens of the Last Age                                                    

 Ensemble Ménilmontant 


Claire Mouton (Bassoon), Audrey Podrini (Cello and electronic), Max Langer (electronic), Diane Daher (Harps and electronic)

The Tell Tale Heart by Charles Klein

Ménilmontant by Dimitri Kirsanoff

Teaser - Concert Théâtre de l'Uchronie


Awake at Night

A free improvisation by Teemu Mastovaara (cello + electronics)

and Diane Daher (electric harp + electronics)

Welling Ways

Free improvisation band 

Skat (trumpet), July Dupin (guitar), Claire Mouton (bassoon) and Diane Daher ( harps )

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